Monday, October 19, 2009

Telecommunication emerging as a data services provider

Telecommunication industry evolving very fast in these days.Previously we were using telecom services just for voice calls not for data services.Internet revolution introduces new data services.Use of internet increasing day by day.Many people want wireless internet services.In history people are just using telecommunication for passing signals.Drum,flags and smoke signals were used in history for communicating messages.

In these days telecommunication world is more
focused on data services.Telecom industry is a very profitable industry in world.1.$1.2 trillion was expected revenue of telecom industy in 2006.
In start Telephone and Telegraph was invented.

Broadcasting is also part of telecommunication which was introduced after telephone and telegraph.It's sure that employment in this industry will grow because new technological development expand this industry.Most of people are using wired telecom networks.