Saturday, October 24, 2009

We want to save time So we need Mobile Banking.

Mobile banking will evolve with passage of time.In these days for many people mobile banking means sms banking.Mobile banking also known as M-Banking.In future high speed internet will be availabe on mobiles so it will be very easy to access your online account via your mobile phone.

Many mobiles have capabilities to download banking softwares but only good mobile is not enough for mobile banking,there should be high speed internet connectivity.Mobile banking introduced new businesses in industry like e-bank is one of it's example.There are approximately above 3 billion GSM mobile users.
Smartphones are playing very important role in easy ways of e-banking on mobiles.

Security is a main issue in e-banking.It's reality that internet entered into our life as a revolution but Internet security still lagging.Unfortunately Internet is vastly used by hackers and online frauds specially credit card frauds are common online.In a research by Forrester in 2005,It was found that 0.6 million people left E-banking out of 15 million due to online security risks.

There are also few companies who claim that internst transactions are more safer than traditional banking transactions.I think it's totally depends that how much your e-bank technically secured and gurantee your security.

Online and e-banking is a best solution for small business man.It's reality that a small business man is very busy and handle many tasks at a time so he/she always prefer e-banking.It is expected that paper money will be extinct in future and e-tansactions will take it's place.
It's reality that e-payments and receivings are more easy than meeting a person and delivering him payments.In short technology will overcome all businesses.