Tuesday, October 13, 2009

WCDMA upgraded to 3G by using HSPA

HSPA is a mobile technology which enhance data rate on wireless networks. WCDMA is a standard used in GSM technologies. Technologists upgraded WCDMA by introducing HSPA which consists of two protocols. One is HSDPA and other is HSUPA. In fact HSPA is a little upgradation of software .HSPA is related to 3G mobile networks and it provide us 14Mbps downloading and 5.8Mbps uploading speed.
With the presence of HSPA we are able to use wireless broadband as we are using wired DSL. HSDPA is specified in release 5 of 3GPP and HSUPA specified in release 6 of 3GPP.Cell phone manufacturing companies are introducing new mobiles in market for 3G network .Only 3G enable or HSPA enable mobile can communicate with BTS tower of 3G mobile networks .
HSPA is adopting very fast in all around the world. In 85 countries there are 210 HSPA operators. Most probably 47 operators are allowing 3.6Mbps HSDPA speed. There are approximately 350 HSPA enabled devices like 132 handsets, 61 notebooks, 38 data cards, 27 wireless routers, 25 USB modems, 26 embedded modules etc.