Monday, September 28, 2009

Future of Wimax in doubts

WIMAX as is a very good solution for broadband wireless internet and it is competing with cable and wired dsl(Digital Subscriber line).It’s a latest technology approved by IEEE 802.16 group.WIMAX provides point to multipoint wireless networking.
WIMAX is popular but mostly in developing countries and it will prevail in developing countries. In case of developed countries like Europe and US there is a clear signs of tough time for WIMAX. In developed countries investors are interested to invest in LTE 4G.
In future there will be security risks for WIMAX as faced by WI-FI. In start when WIMAX entered into our life very less hackers well aware about it’s security weaknesses but with the passage of time there will be more security threats to WIMAX.
Intel have invested dollar $43 million in Tokyo based UQ communication. UQ is also using WIMAX technology and they are claiming that they will reach 90% of Japan’s population by 2012.WIMAX range is upto 30 miles as compared to WI-FI range of just few hundred feet.